5 Business
Your Bank Can't
Offer You...

(and none require great credit)

Just like a bank, FundsWired offers business loans ranging from $2M to $15MM. However, unlike a bank, our loan approvals are based on the business’s credit and cash flow, not on the business owner’s personal credit, which allows us to approve a greater percentage of applications and provide higher-than-average loan offers. And there are no restrictions on any business use of funds. We work with most industries and businesses open one year or more. But your bank won’t tell you about us because we are their competition!

The Top 5 Trending Loans, Find The Right One for Your Business:


$15,000 to $1MM Available

When Time is Money!

  • Approval is weighted on the Business’s Gross Sales and Cash Flow, Not on Personal Credit.
  • 24-hour Approval.
  • For FICO Credit 550+.
  • No Property, Inventory, or A/Rs Required as Collateral.
  • Low Documents: 3 Current Business Bank Statements, + Short Application.
  • Term: To 24 Months.
  • Loan Can Go Into a Subordinate Position Behind Other Loans.
  • 1 Year in Business, OK.


$50,000 to $1MM Available

An Equity Bridge Loan With Easy Requirements.

  • Approval Not Based on Personal Credit, But on Business’s Bank Deposit History.
  • FICO Credit Required: 550+.
  • 1 year in Business, OK.
  • Collateral: Any Type of Property.
  • 12 Month Interest Only.
  • Seasoning: First 2 Yrs Value Limited to Purchase Price+ improvements.
  • Closes in 10-12 Business Days.


$1MM to $15MM Available

Cash Out the Equity in Any Property.

  • Loans Based Strictly on LTV, Not Credit
  • Residential, Commercial Buildings, Farms, Condos, Rural, Single Purpose, OK.
  • No Financials/ Tax Returns Required.
  • Any Credit Score, OK.
  • Will Use Your Current Appraisal.
  • 100% CLTV Financing.
  • Bankruptcy Bailouts, OK.
  • To $15 Million on Good, Clean Properties.
  • $5 Million Maximum on all Others.
  • No Tax Return/No Financials Required.
  • Closes Fast.


$10,000 to $5MM

With Payments and Terms Customized to Fit Your Business’s Cash-Flow.

  • To 60-Month Terms.
  • Flexible Credit Minimum.
  • Most Industries Eligible.
  • All Types of Equipment.
  • 0% Down on Purchases.
  • Start-Up Terms Available.
  • Approvals in Hours.
  • Same Day Funding.
  • NEW and USED Equipment.


$2,000 to $15,000 Available

One Day Approval, Funds in 48 Hours.

  • To Apply: Short Application + 3 Months of Business Bank Statements.
  • No Financials Required.
  • 575+ Credit, OK.
  • Approval Based on Gross Sales, Cash Flow, Not on Personal Credit.
  • $10K+ Sales Per Month Req.
  • 12 Months in Business Req.
  • Will Subordinate Behind Other Loans.
  • Pre-Payment Discount.

We Offer Over 100 Different Loans for Any Industry or Credit Custom Fitted to Your Business

  • Commercial Property Loans.
  • Loans On Warehouses.
  • Loans For Hotels/INNS/Motel.
  • Apartments & Condos Loans.
  • Property Development Projects Loans.
  • Bridge Financing.
  • Loans For Cannabis/CBD Farms.
  • SBA 7 (a) and 504 Loans.
  • Business Advances.
  • Multi-Use Property Loans.
  • Account Receivables Loans.
  • Loans On Equipment.
  • Equipment Financing.
  • Construction Projects.
  • Stated Income Loans Up To $10mm.
  • FAST Hard Money Loans To $10mm Interest Only.
  • Fix & Flip Loans.
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Position Loans.
  • 10, 15, 20, 30 Year Fixed Conventional Conforming Loans.
  • Land,Vineyards,Farms & Ranches Loans.
  • Construction Loans (Incl. Spec Homes Commercial Construction Up To $500mm Loans.
  • Commercial Loans Up To $500mm.
  • Foreign National Loans(No SSN, No Residency And No Credit Required).
  • Purchase Order Loans.
  • Loans For Churches.
  • Ask about our Construction loans starting at 4.99.
  • Fix And Flips up to 90% LTC / 75% ARV Bridge Cash Out/Refi up to 75% LTV.
  • New Construction up to 90% LTC / 75% ARV.
  • Term Rental Cash Out/Refi up to 80% LTV Bridge Cash Out/Refi up to 75% LTV.

Stop Jumping Through Hoops Trying to Get a Business Loan!

CEO holding up a hoop for his employee to jump through
If your bank is making you jump through hoops for a business loan, contact us at 877-600-3863 or emails us We offer over 100 different types of loans for every credit profile and industry, with much easier credit terms, less paperwork, and much higher approvals and loan offers than a bank.