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Turn Your Assets into $100,000 to $20,000,000 Working Capital

  • Real Estate

    Refinance your commercial real estate and Cash Out Equity to use as working capital. Rates starting at 5.99% with terms to 5 yrs with 30 year amortization. Interest Only Available. Up to $20MM.

    Or keep your current mortgage and rate, and Cash Out Only the Equity in your commercial or residential real estate with a 2nd or 3rd position short term loan, that funds in 10-12 Business Days. Up to $2MM. Low Doc, Any FICO, OK

  • Equipment

    Unlock the equity in paid off equipment that you own to receive $25,000 to $2,000,000 capital. Term: 24-48 Months. Most Heavy Equipment with an value of $50,000+ Qualifies. Any FICO, OK+ No Tax Returns Required. No Proof of Income for Loans under $200,000.

  • Accounts Receivable

    Turn Accounts Receivables due your business for goods or services delivered, but not yet paid for by your customers into CASH. The capital received can be used for any business purpose. Approval based on your customers credit worthiness.

  • Invoice Financing

    Businesses that sell to commercial accounts on credit can use the unpaid invoices of credit worthy customers, to receive an advancement of up to 97% of those funds in as little as 1-2 business days.


    A business owner who doesn’t want to use real estate to cash out equity, and who has a business open at least one year can use its most recent three months business bank statement to receive a cash advance against its future gross sales of up to $2MM, within 48 hours. High Approval. FICO 550+OK.


    A business owner who doesn’t want to use real estate to cash out equity, and who has a business open at least one year can use its most recent three months merchant processing statement to receive a cash advance against its future credit card sales of up to $350,000 within 48 hours. High Approval. FICO 550+, OK.


We Are Still Lending to the Following Industries, Even if the
Business has Been Shut Down by the Government and Has
No Cash Flow!
Cash-Out the Equity in Your Commercial, Industrial, Residential RE to Use as Working Capital.
Virtually All Businesses Qualify Even if Closed!

Restaurants & Bars
Gyms and Fitness Centers
Hotels, Motels, BnBs, Inns
All Retail Stores
Entertainment Venues
Ticket Sales
Travel Businesses
Educational Services
DayCare Centers
Hair Salons/Barbers

FundsWired is Open For Business!

Since 2000, FundsWired has been committed to serving our clients during times of uncertainty in both global health and economy, and we understand the current economic climate presents unique challenges to your business and working capital.

At FundsWired, we keep a close eye on the pulse of the market and have developed Loan Programs, especially for owners whose business has been impacted by the government shut down.

Although guidelines are being regularly updated, we are still funding business owners, even if their business is currently closed.

If you are waiting for a CARE SBA or other loan which may take time to fund, please look at our short-term loans, which you can use now and then pay off with no penalties, once you receive the SBA or other long term loan.

Contact us, we are here to help.

Covid Relief Mortgage Pay Off Program

For Borrowers Concerned About Falling Behind on Commercial Mortgage Payments While Closed

  • -This Loan Pays off Existing Mortgage
  • -No Payments for 3 Months
  • -Borrower can Refinance Out of This Loan, Once an SBA Loan or Other Traditional Financing is Received.
  • -ZERO Prepayment Penalty
  • -Must Be Used with Covid Loan Relief Program
  • -All Businesses Eligible Even if Closed

NO Payments for 3 Months,Then Interest Only, up to 12 Months.

Terms to 24 Months with 48 Month Amortization.
1st and 2nd Position
$350,000 to $2MM Available

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We Offer 100’s of Business Capital Solutions,
All Designed to Meet Your Needs. Here are Some
of the Most Popular

Business Loans Using Real Estate as Asset

Loan 1:

Refinance Commercial RE and Cash Out Equity

  • – $350,000 to $20,000,000
  • – Rates starting at 5.99%.
  • – Term: 12 Months to 30 Years.
  • – Interest Only Available.
  • – RE must have at least $500,000+++ Equity.
  • – 1st Position Only.
  • – Real Estate Must be in Area with at Least 100,000 Population.

Loan 2:

Cash Out Equity Only EXPRESS LOANS

  • – $100,000 to $2,000,000
  • – Term: 6, 9, 12 and 18 Months.
  • – Keep Your Current Lender & Rate!
  • – 1st, 2nd and 3rd Positions, OK.
  • – Can be Used as a Bridge Loan While Waiting for SBA Loan.
  • – Funds in 10-12 Business Days.
  • – Commercial, Residential, OK.
  • – Most Businesses Eligible.
  • – Any FICO, OK.
  • – Low Documents.
  • – High Approval.
  • – See Covid-19 Relief Programs for Closed Businesses for Express Loans, or Loans to Pay Off Commercial Mortgages.

Loan 3:

Corona Relief Bridge Loan Program for Business Owners that Cannot Make Commercial Mortgage Payments.

  • – Pays off Existing Mortgage within 10-14 business days.
  • – No Payments for 3 Months, Then 9 months, Interest Only.
  • – After 12 months balance based on 48 month Amortization.
  • – Borrower can refinance out of this loan, anytime with ZERO prepayment penalty.
  • – To be used as a bridge loan while waiting for SBA, or other long-term financing.
  • – Loan MUST be used in conjunction with Covid-19 Relief Loan Progam.
  • – LTV of both loans combined cannot exceed the existing LTV guidelines.
  • – All businesses OK, even if closed due to Covid and have no cash flow.
  • – Term: 6 to 24 Months.
  • – Funds available in 10-12 days.
  • – Any FICO, OK + Low docs.

Loan 4:

No Tax Returns Loans

  • – For self-employed individuals
  • – When tax returns show very little income or even a loss.
  • – Approval based on businesses gross sales and RE value.
  • – 12-24 months business bank statements required.

Loan 5:

Loan Consolidation

  • – For business owners with multiple high daily or weekly cash advance payments.
  • – Consolidate all cash advancess into one lower payment.
  • – Residential or commercial RE OK, with minimum $100,000 in equity available.
  • – Short-term: 6-9 months.
  • – FICO 500,OK.
  • – Tax liens can also be paid off with these loans.
  • – 1st, 2nd and 3rd Position available.
  • – Funds in 10-12 day.

No Real Estate Collateral Loans

Loan 6:

Cash Advances Using a Business’s Bank Statements.

  • – This is an advance of cash against a business’s future gross sales.
  • – For businesses that require immediate cash of $30,000 to $2MM.
  • – Most industries and businesses approved.
  • – The amount funded is based on the business’s annual revenue, type of business. cash flow and time in business and business type.
  • – The last 3 months of business bank statements + application required.
  • – 500+ FICO and one year in business, OK.
  • – Funds are available in 12 to 48 hours after one day approval.
  • – Renewals available in 24 hours.

Loan 7:

Cash Advances on a Business’s Credit Card Processing Sales

  • – This is an advance of cash against a business’s future credit card sales.
  • – For businesses that require an immediate infusion of cash of $25,000 to $350,000.
  • – Any business that accepts at least $30,000 in credit cards monthly is eligible.
  • – The amount of funding depends on time in business, type of business and credit card sales.
  • – Payments ebb and flow according to the business’s credit card sales, no set payments.
  • – Funds available usually within 24-48 hours; renewals in 24 hours
  • – 500 FICO + OK.
  • – One year in business, OK.

Loan 8:

Loans Using a Business’s Accounts Receivables as Collateral

  • – Turn your Accounts Receivables into cash.
  • – Account Receivables owed up to 60 days can be used as collateral for loans to $10MM+.
  • – Receive up to 95% of your receivables in cash for accounts that owe your business $50,000 or more monthly.
  • – Approval is based primarily on the business’s customer’s credit.
  • – No financials required to cash out up to $350,000 in receivables.
  • – $100,000 to $9MM.

Loan 9:

Loans Using a Business’s Invoices as Collateral

  • – With this loan, a business sells its unpaid invoices from its business customer
    and immediately get paid 90% of the invoice amount.
  • – The business’s customers will then owe the amount of the invoice to the lender.
  • – Once the business’s customers pay the purchase order to the lender, the lender will then release the balance of the invoice to the business, minus their fe.
  • – Up to $350,000 available.

Loan 10:

Equipment Financing, OR Loan Against Equipment

  • – A business can finance its equipment through our low cost equipment financing program,
  • – Or use any debt free equipment worth at least $20,000++ to receive up to $ 2MM in cash throug a “lease buyback” program, where a business leases its equipment to our leasing company partneras collateral for a loan. The leasing company then leases the equipment back to the business, with payments that take the form of a rental expense.
  • – Any FICO, OK
  • – No tax returns, OK.
  • – No proof of income for transactions under $200K.
  • – Financing up to $2,000,000.
  • – Terms: 24-48 months.

we also offer

  • Commercial Property Loans
  • Loans or Warehouses
  • Loans For Hotels/INNS/Motel
  • Appartments & Condos Loans
  • Property Development Projects Loans
  • Bridge Financing
  • Loans for Cannabis/CBD farms
  • SBA Loans
  • Loans for Churches
  • Multi Use Property Loans
  • Construction Projects
  • Stated Income Loans Up to $10mm.
  • FAST hard Money Loans to $10mm Interest Only
  • Fix & Flip Loans
  • Second Position Loans up TO $2mm.
  • 10, 15, 20, 30 year Fixed Conventional Conforming Loans
  • Land,Vineyards,Farms & Ranches Loans
  • Construction Loans (Incl. Spec Homes Commercial Construction up to $500mm Loans
  • Commercial Loans up to $500mm
  • Foreign National Loans(no SSN, no residency and no credit required)
  • Purchase Order Loans
  • Account Recievable Loans
  • Invoice Factoring Loans
  • Loans on Equipments
  • Equipments Financing

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